COVID-19 - Keeping Healthy and Engaged
Special Olympics Ontario has done an amazing job keeping their community informed, engaged and healthy during these difficult times. Below are some options for you and your families to try for promoting fitness, education and fun in your household with even some challenges and competitions thrown in!

Virtual challenges and activities you can do to stay active and fit from home! Check out the Monthly Wellness Challenge calendar, it has new activities everyday to try. There are mental health resources, virtual fitness sessions, recipes to try and much more!

Reveal your Champion is a one-year training program that provides a variety of workouts focused on different areas of fitness to help you become the best athlete you can be! Each month program participants will set goals and work to achieve them. The program also includes health and wellness activities in addition to the workouts. WE are going to help YOU Reveal Your Champion!
How does it work? Each month a new program will be published on the Reveal Your Champion website. Each day will consist of an activity or workout. You will be able to access all of the resources, including pictures and videos, here on the Reveal Your Champion website to help you complete the program. Prior to the beginning of each month you will set a goal for that month which will help you Reveal Your Champion!

MyPAHL is an online health and wellness program that was designed to help Special Olympics athletes get and stay physically fit while being rewarded in the process.
Athletes create an account for MyPAHL and complete a Health Risk Assessment questionnaire which will help MyPAHL design an Action Plan for each athlete based on areas that may need improvement. Each Action Plan includes recipes, videos and tips on how to improve your health.

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