Owen Sound Tigers

Tee-Ball is a team sport that is very similar to the game of baseball and is a game that is used to introduce young children to the game through its simplified rules and to sports in general. As well as this, it is also used as a way of helping children get active and to develop hand/eye coordination and ball skills. The main difference between Tee-Ball and baseball is that, whereas in baseball a pitcher pitches the ball towards the hitter, this does not happen in Tee-Ball. Instead, the hitter hits the ball off a tee which is stationary, thus allowing young children an easier way of hitting the ball and engaging with the game and developing skills. Although in Tee-Ball the ball is softer, the lack of the ball being pitched also makes it safer for children.

The Owen Sound Tee-Ball Tigers are ages 7 to 11. Our weekly practices involve a fun warm-up and stretches, developing throwing and catching skills along with a friendly game each week! We have lots of fans who come to watch and cheer us on and we enjoy a good healthy treat at the end of each practice! Please come join us for a summer full of fun!


Barb King - Head Coach

Dianne Speed

Email: owensound.sports@specialolympicsontario.ca


Season: SPRING/SUMMER (June through September)

Training Time: Thursdays 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Location: Harrison Field, Owen Sound